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Hidden Hamilton: Uncovering stories of Hamilton, NSW


By Ruth Cotton

Hidden Hamilton captures the highlights of Ruth Cotton's popular blog of the same name. Richly illustrated with historical and contemporary photos, the book uncovers the stories behind Hamilton’s development from a dusty pit village of immigrant miners to the busy multicultural suburb of Newcastle that it is today.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ruth Cotton grew up on a rural property near Narrabri, NSW. She has lived and worked in Fiji, Malaysia, Canberra, Sydney and on the far north coast of NSW. Ruth’s first book, Reinventing Success: find happiness, satisfaction and balance by managing change in your life , explored modern-day challenges such as balancing work and family life. In 2012, after a career spanning education, public health and management, Ruth moved with her husband to Hamilton in Newcastle. She began her blog Hidden Hamilton in May, 2013. Her next book, Hidden Hamilton: Uncovering stories of Hamilton, NSW, captured the highlights of the first year of her blog.

This book was published with the kind assistance of the Greater Building Society.

104pp, full colour, paperback, 280 x 210mm

RRP $39.95

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