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Smoky City: A history of air pollution in Newcastle, NSW


By Howard Bridgman and Nancy Cushing

For many years the reputation of Newcastle, NSW, was that of a smoky industrial city. Novocastrians who remember when the BHP dominated the skyline recall the acrid haze that regularly enveloped the city and, in more recent times, fine black coal dust has affected the lives of residents.

Smoky City tells the story of how Newcastle came to be the polluted industrial place it was. Combining both historic and scientific approaches the book describes the development of industry, transport, housing and other factors that fouled the air and the impact this had on people's lives.

We also meet the Novocastrians whose ground-breaking campaigns to clean up the city led to dramatically cleaner air for Newcastle.

This illustrated book will capture the imagination of anyone interested in environmental, industrial or Australian history.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Prof Howard Bridgman, Conjoint Associate Professor, School of Environmental & Life Sciences, University of Newcastle; President of the Clean Air Society
of Australia & New Zealand.
DR NANCY CUSHING, historian, Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle. Previous publications: Radical Newcastle and Snakebitten: Eric Worrell and the Australian Reptile Park.

148pp inc. 6 colour pages

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